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Roger Hill '70

Hill lives ‘service before self’


When it comes to serving the Academy and its graduates, Roger Hill, Class of 1970, has a ready answer: “Roger that. . .” 

Throughout the years in his Air Force and civilian aviation careers, he has found time to help, whether it be a fellow cadet, airman, classmate or senior citizen.

After graduating from CS-16, Hill became a C-130 pilot. After earning a master’s degree from George Washington University and separation from the Air Force after nine years, he headed to commercial carriers. He served first with Hughes AirWest, then People Express, and eventually for Continental Airlines for most of his career. Along the way he became a real estate broker, a profession he continues to this day.

“My aviation career was fulfilling, but it was just one component of a life that I have dedicated to helping others,” Hill says. “I find it very satisfying to be of help in my community, and in the broader community of Zoomies.”

In addition to assisting graduates finding their Colorado homes, he leads a team of 1970 grads who honor their fallen classmates. On days when a Class of ’70 burial occurs at the USAFA cemetery, they place a class pennant on all of the ’70 gravesites. Hill also serves on a non-profit board dedicated to helping senior citizens in Douglas County, north of Colorado Springs. They reside in Castle Rock and also enjoy their mountain home in Silverthorne, Colorado.

When he and his wife, Sharon, decided to include the USAFA Endowment as a beneficiary of an estate bequest, they received recognition as a Polaris Society member. “We feel good about helping the very place that enabled me to have an outstanding life,” he says.

Living close to the Academy allows frequent visits; the Hills have been Falcon football season ticket holders for 30 years. He also regularly attends the annual National Character and Leadership Symposium and represents his class on the AOG Class Advisory Senate.

For more information on how you can arrange for a future legacy gift to help the Academy and qualify for Polaris Society membership, contact Dale Zschoche at 719-238-7510 or