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Mike Rose '69

A life of learning, service and support

“My life would have been totally different, and not as good, had I not graduated from the Air Force Academy,” says Mike Rose ’69. 

The South Carolina native went on to earn degrees from New York University School of Law, where he was an editor of the New York University Law Review, and an MBA from Harvard University. An entrepreneur, attorney and author, Rose also served four terms as a state senator in South Carolina. 

Rose continues to reside outside of Charleston with his wife, Vivian, where they are able to spend time with their two children and families. They feel blessed that their three grandchildren grew up next door to them.

Rose has maintained strong connections to the Academy, serving as an AOG chapter president and helping his fellow graduates with legal matters. His philanthropy includes USAFA. 

“In recognition of what the Academy means to me, Vivian and I decided to elevate our level of donations,” he said. “Making a charitable bequest in our will was a relatively painless way to make a larger commitment of support.” 

Their future legacy gift will support the Academy’s Center for Character and Leadership Development.

To learn more about how to arrange a legacy gift, read Making the best of a good situation, New year’s resolutions and The benefits of a living trust. A bequest to the USAFA Endowment may also lessen the tax burden on your family and estate. 

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