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Jack Kucera ’78

Couple’s property gift was a win-win

A business challenge for Jack Kucera ’78 became a terrific philanthropic opportunity for the United States Air Force Academy Endowment. When one of his companies no longer needed a warehouse/office building that he personally owned, Kucera’s accountant showed him the advantages of donating it in support of renovations to the Air Force Academy Falcon Stadium.

“This was a revelation to me how an unused asset could help our Academy,” he recalls. “Vianne and I were pleased to offer this gift.”

After the Endowment conducted due diligence and Kucera completed minor building updates, the property’s deed was transferred to the Endowment. The Kuceras were able to use the full market value as a charitable deduction, and because the building was in a prime Phoenix location, above-appraisal sale proceeds went to the Falcon Stadium Renovation fund.

“Property gifts are an amazing way to bring mutual benefits to donors and the Academy, and they can range from small residential lots, to no-longer-used vacation homes to commercial property,” Kucera said.

Homeowners may also choose to make a current arrangement for their house (or second home) to pass to the Endowment at a future date, with full personal usage until that time.

“These types of gifts can bring you tax benefits similar to the tax advantages Vianne and I realized,” Kucera says. “A win-win for all.”

For more information, contact the USAFA Endowment Office of Gift Planning.

The South Dakota native earned a degree in civil engineering from the Academy and added an MBA from Arizona State. He purchased Climatec in 1987 and grew it into the Southwest’s largest independent provider of industrial automation and control solutions, particularly in HVAC. When Bosch GmbH recently purchased a portion of the company, Kucera retained the rest and renamed it Varitec Solutions, where he remains president and CEO. On most autumn Saturdays he and Vianne can be found at Falcon Stadium or wherever the football team is playing. He also serves as the chairman of the Endowment’s board of directors.