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Bud Nevers '76

Dust Bunny Roundup

As a financial advisor, Ralph “Bud” Nevers ’76 coined a new definition for the term “dust bunnies,” and they aren’t the kind you will find lurking under beds. His dust bunnies are forgotten or orphaned financial accounts.

“An easy first step for me was to identify and use the dust bunnies – various small savings or checking accounts, 100 shares or less of stock or mutual funds, spinoffs, etc. – to streamline my financial portfolio and confidently give to the USAFA Endowment,” Nevers says. 

“The process is very simple and tax efficient. This could also be an opportunity to begin the important discussion of your legacy goals and charitable giving with your trusted advisor. The USAFA Endowment is an ideal recipient; they have the expertise to help you, and you can designate a variety of uses at the Academy,” he says. 

Nevers (CS-16) recently finished a full Air Force and commercial aviation career starting with active duty (C-141), USAF Reserve (KC-10), ANG (C-12), USAFA Liaison Officer assignments and 34 years with US Airways and American Airlines.

"As a result of career uncertainty triggered by two airline bankruptcies and losing my pension, I decided to take a voluntary leave of absence and launch an auxiliary career as a financial advisor, joining my father and brother in Spokane, Washington,” he says. “I returned to flying and used my experience by serving as chairman of the retirement and insurance committee for our pilot's union.”

Nevers and his wife, Sally, continue to live in Spokane. Their philanthropy also includes a future legacy gift to the Academy, for which they are recognized as Polaris Society members. 

For more information on how your dust bunnies can help USAFA, or about making legacy donations through your will or trust, contact Dale Zschoche, director of gift planning. He may be reached at 719-238-7510.